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I have a 160 Gig Maxtor Drive that is mounted in a fileserver I have. When I tried to mount my 160 Gig drive in a win XP pro box, it wouldn't read it and wanted to convert it back down to basic. Not trusting ANYTHING to XP, I decided against that. (On a side note, when I did this with a 17 gig drive to test this, it killed the partition, so my intuition was correct)

The question is, do other OSs not support dynamic drives from 2k server, or is it not possible to move the drive to another computer at all, 2k server or not. This is a fairly serious issue with me considering that the boot drive for my server is getting up in age and could fail anytime.
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  1. Interesting, I have not yet tried this. Theoritcally it should work, but you are right, do not convert it back to a basic disk. Just why was it a dynamic disk in 2k anyways? It was not part of a striped or mirrored set was it? If so, this is the problem and you will need the other disk(s) as well. From there you should be able to do an import of foreign disk(s) and remain intact.

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  2. Since it was such a large drive, 2k wouldn't let me format it with NTFS without making it a dynamic partition.
  3. That doesn't sound right? Microsoft says that the volume size can go much larger then 2 Terabytes. <A HREF="" target="_new">Doc.</A>

    Either way I don't see how making it Dynamic would change what you can format and what you can't?

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  4. Yup Dynamic --> Basic destroys the data. You gotta remember XP is touchy about adding and removing a bunch of hardware so don't get caught having it lock you out hehe. As for moving it over, is it just a data drive or a bootable drive? They also might of changed something in XP about the dynamic drives, who knows.

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