Trying to use device and I get check IEEE1394

I have a golf range monitor I have the software that it uses on a ThinkPad running Windows 7 32 bit ed unactivated. It is connected through a firewire cable into a PCMIA card. Windows 7 is unactivated because I want to make sure the range monitor will work with it before buying windows 7 as I bought the computer on ebay. Regardless, I get an error when I open the software that reads, no Vectors detected(which is the name of the range monitor) check port IEEE1394 which is Firewire. Any ideas? I went to device manager and it said my pcmia card was working fine, so maybe its the cable? I do not have another one to try so if theres any other suggestions please let me know or if you really think its the cable I could go buy one.
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  1. You may need some motherboard chipset drivers to run the 1394 firewire port.
  2. Halomaster, do you have old-school cam-corder using tapes? There is a good chance it has FireWire port as well, and you can try connecting the camcorder to that port and see whether video editin programs can import video off the camera. That way you will know for sure whehter the FireWire port itself is recognised, or you have problem somewhere else.
  3. @geofelt i tried to install the newest motherboard chipset driver and still got the same error message
  4. Is there a driver required for the firewire port on the pcmia card?

    If the thinkpad is otherwise working, I might suspect the pcmia card.

    Can you try your cable and the gps on another system?
    I would normally not suspect a cable.
  5. so i order a new firewire cord last week and got it yesterday. With the cord i can plug in the range monitor which takes a 9pin tip to the thinkpad which takes the 5? pin tip not sure on the pins on that one but either way i tried it and i still get the same error message. I finally got a message back from their support site(vector) saying its most likey the camera is blown in the range monitor. but if theres more hints im all ears as its 3500 to replace
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