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Can anyone suggest how to get the drivers to clean install Windows 8 on a new, owner built computer? ASUS MB, 8 core processor etc., etc., ....
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  1. on a cd.
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    thats quite clever

    though you didnt link to their exact model and download and install the drivers for them :p
  3. Just a hint ^
  4. Thanks to all for the suggestions offered. I did well in downloading VUZE and going to to dl an 8 that had the drivers I needed. It helped with installing my bought and registered OS without having to install a bootleg copy. I now have an awesomely up and running Ultra Gladiator containing an Asus MB, AMDFX 8 core processor, with a huge heat sink and fan, and 2T HD. Forgive my excitement, but I hadn't built one of my own in about 10 years and I am so stoked! 5 fans and blue lights shining through the side panel - this is the stuff future dreams start with.
    Kodaka Tanaka
  5. anonymous1 said:
    how about the internet. is a good place to start.

    Sadly enough, it was all about Windows, not the motherboard. As much as one pays for a new OS, it seems it should come complete, but Master Gates has other ideas; mostly on how to nickle and dime us to death. I am happy to say my new machine is up and running perfectly. Jeeze! it is beautiful!
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