Connect DSL Modem to DSL Router and then to switch

Hi all,

I have a question regarding the network setup. I have 3 pieces of network hardware and a fast dsl connection. The hardware is:
- DSL Modem from my provider with static IP connection (CISCO - don't know the symbol)
- DSL Router (edimax ar-7084a)
- Switch (Hewlett-Packard JD871A)

Now the task is to create a LAN network so all my computers can talk together and have a internet connection shared between them.

When I connect Modem to Router and then 4 CPUs to router, it is working fine. The problem is that the router has only 4 ports and that it is 100Mbit slow. I would like to use the HP switch for the LAN setup (1Gbit) and then connect the switch to router and router to modem. But it doesn't work :( I cannot establish internet connection this way. I'm setting all the settings in my router but it doesn't work as it was in simple setup modem->router->cpu. when I add switch to this, the setup is going berserk.

Problem is that I would like to create a LAN only between computers using switch. I have other computers that I want to conect to the router directly and don't see the computers using switch.

Please see the blueprint of my network

What can be wrong here?
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  1. what type of cable are you using to connect the modem to the router? ethernet or telephone cable

    which port on the router are you using to connect the router to the modem?

    what is the model number of the Cisco?
  2. Hi emerald,

    thanks for reply. The modem/gateway symbol is cisco epc3925.

    I'm using only ethernet cat 5 cables on all connections. Router is connected through WAN port to the Modem and then through LAN port to the switch.

    I read I can put my router to dsl mode so it act as a switch, but I doubt it is what I want. Please check the blueprints:

    That's the architecture I want to achive. Feel free to reconfigure it using the hardware I have to achive something similar.
  3. Oh, and the router is actually edimax br-6104k.

    I was mislead by the picture found in google, sorry.
  4. the Cisco is not just a modem, it is a modem/wireless router.

    have you tried to connect the HP switch to the Cisco without using the Edimax?

    Or is there a reason you want a nested router?
  5. Yes, there is a reason. A guy that was installing my internet told me that when I have a static IP I have to use DSL router so couple of computers can share the connection. Cisco itself is working in some special mode and doesn't use NAT. That's why I'm using router and there is no problems here. I use setup like modem->router->cpu and it is fine. But when I do modem->router->switch->cpu then the LAN is working (cpu 1 can access cpu 2), any cpu can access router but there is no connection to the internet. I think some gateway/dns settings might help but I have no idea how to do it. All I tried failed.
  6. from a computer connected to the switch can you ping

    from a computer connected to the switch can you ping
  7. connect the bigger switch to the modem i.e. from the modem with a cat6 ethernet cable connect the gb switch, then you can use a cat5e ethernet cable to connect the other switch
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