My router is blocking my cctv

Since having a power cut my routers ip address has changed and now i cant access my cctv from my pc or smart phone, cctv man says its my router blocking it.
I rang my isp sky who said they cant do anything and gave me sagem number.
Thought i`d try on here first before spending a fortune waiting in a que.
Hope someone can help
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  1. setup DDNS on either your router or the CCTV device.

    DDNS service is free:
  2. If the pc is on the same lan as the camera, check your DHCP server to find the new IP address of the camera. If the camera is using DHCP to get it's address, you might want to set a up reserved DHCP address for the camera or assign it a static IP address.

    If you are trying to access it remotely, then DDNS will make things easier.
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