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Hello, I finally have made the change to go from an AMD system to an Intel system. I am pretty sure I have done everything right but there is still one thing bothering me. When i turn the computer on, it waits at the Window logo for almost 3 minutes. the usb devices turn off. then about 3 minutes into it, I hear the disc drive spinning up, the usb devices light up. then i get the Blue welcome screen and windows gets me to the desktop. I know that it shouldnt be taking this long. I can live with it, as everything else is working fine. here are my specs:

Intel core i7 2700k
Gigabyte z68ap-d3
32gb ram
Corsair Force GT 60gb with OS Win7 Pro in SATA mode AHCI
Maxtor 300gb for Virt mem and storage
radeon hd 6670 (to be upgraded later)
Pioneer DVD-RW

all of the above is brand new.

I originally loaded the OS on the 300g standard HDD, but I was concerned with the load time. So I went out and purchased the Corsair Force GT, reloaded OS on it, and still having the Slow Load up. All drivers have been updated to current. All Windows updates are current. I know it must be something really small and dumb, but its just driving me crazy. Everybody is telling me that with my systedm specs, it should be up and loaded in no more then 15 seconds. 3 to 5 minutes is what I am actually getting.... Help, lol.
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  1. go into bios and change the boot order to boot from hard drive first. sounds to me like it's attempting to load from the other drives first which is slowing down your boot time.
  2. I changed the boot order to hard drive first and no change. I even tried booting up w/o the DVD-RW connected also with same results. I have reinstalled Win7 three times now as well. I update all drivers and updates. Going crazy here. The only devices i have in the PCI slots are the xfx radeon HD 6670 and Trendnet wireless N adapter. I removed both of those in case there was a conflict with incompatible drivers and also same result.
  3. Slow startup is usually caused by an incompatible device/driver.

    The first thing I would recommend is disconnecting everything that's not essential, and see does that solve the issue. If it does, then add devices back over time to see if/when the problem returns. For example: System is fine.. shut down... add the USB pastry~toaster... start up... OMG!! system is slow... Now you know what device is the cause.

    You can also:

    Run problem reports: [...] tails.html

    Use the Troubleshooting tool: [...] oting.html

    Start to Safe Mode and do things like repair your computer: [...] tions.html
  4. well, now i'm down to the CPU, 1 stick RAM, HDD, and mouse/keyboard. No change.
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