Limiting ADSL Sync Speed

Bit of a strange question but is there any way to limit the sync speed of my adsl?

I ask because we have had problems with our line, had engineers look at everything for a month and we still get noise on the line and disconnects. I have found that when it connects at 6+ meg it will work for a time but will disconnect and connect again at 2meg. But when it connects around 5.5 meg it doesn't disconnect as often, the noise is their but it seems more stable.

Is there any way of getting my router to connect at 5.5meg and no higher? I have a Linksys WAG120N and im on talktalk.
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  1. No, the connection speed is set at the ISP end, your equipment will just try to run at the fastest speed it gets.

    What you can do is ask THEM to limit the speeds, I have seen that done. When I was with H&R Block, we had a project to put broadband in thousands of offices, some were at the limits of DSL range from the central station. The Verizon techs worked with our techs to match the speed of the service to where it's stable.
  2. Right on, didn't think of that. Not sure when ill have time to call talktalks "wonderful" support staff but ill give that a go.

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