Need help setting up wireless to cable modem please

cable company connected cable modem to computer, and left us to do the wireless set-up. during this process, we had to disconnect the ethernet cords and reconnect at correct locations. Now, no internet period. The cable modem is not showing a send signal. Would appreciate any help? Thanks so much.
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  1. Is it a modem/router or just cable modem ?
    There are several ways to split the internet connection to many PCs.
    One is the Router and it can be wireless.
    The modem needs to be set so that it's in bridge mode and set PPoE on router, that is username and password are saved on router and the modem becomes just a pass-through IP getter. You need to setup DHCP on Router with enough IPs to cover your wired ports and the expected number of wireless connections. Setup a Structured Wireless Network with SSID and PWD.
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