How do access my files using sata 2.5 hdd enclosure

My old XP laptop died and I had to remove the hdd. I have now bought a new laptop that runs windows 8. I have connected my old hdd to the new laptop via a sata 2.5 hdd enclosure. When I try to access the files it says, you do not currently have permission to access this folder. How do access my old files?
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  1. does it let you open the drive?

    ie you can see the files and folders?

    but just cant do anything with them
  2. Did you use a third party program (like a bitlocker program) on your old PC? Windows XP on your old machine, nor Windows 8 on your new machine is preventing it.
  3. I can see the files and can navigate to "My Documents" and then I hit a wall. If I try and open this folder I get a pop up window that says "You don't currently have permission to access this folder", "click continue to permanently get access to this folder". If click on the continue tab, a second pop up window appears that says "You have been denied permission to access this folder"
  4. No I haven't used any third party programmes.
  5. I have to assume that there is a 3rd party program that locked the files. No version of Windows wouldn't let you access your files.
  6. Thanks mcnumpty23. Whilst not being the most computer literate person, I did manage to follow the steps in the link provided and can now see the contents of the hdd in my new laptops C drive, however the same problem still exists. I do not have permission to do anything.
  7. Hi JefferyD90. I am not aware of any third party software, I haven't added anything, well not intentionally anyway.
  8. are you right clicking the whole drive?

    it wont do that--you cant take ownership of the whole drive--you need to for example if its drive D

    double click drive D so you see the files and folders

    then you can select as many files or folders as you want

    right click and select take ownership
  9. Odd Fins said:
    Hi JefferyD90. I am not aware of any third party software, I haven't added anything, well not intentionally anyway.

    Most of the time you didn't know. For example Dell may have put a 3rd party program on your machine to handle it, and then removed Microsoft's own 1st party program, changing the code of Windows to bend to Dell's will. Now you have a HP and HP uses its own thing, or allows Microsoft to do its own thing, and its not the same program controlling the permissions. It happens often. What I SUGGEST doing, is just getting to a folder that you want, copy it, then paste it on your current machine, disconnect the external drive and now try to access your files on your machine.

    PS if it tells you "xxx file name is too long" or "xxx is a system file" you do not want to copy these over, just skip them.
  10. When I right click on a file, i get a pop up menu, but "take ownership" does not appear
  11. Hi JefferyD90, If i try and copy and paste as you suggest, get a pop up window that says "Folder access denied" "You need to provide administrator permission to copy this folder".
  12. it should do if you installed what i linked to

    try restarting pc then see if it appears

    or you can try manually changing permissions

    double click computer --then one left click to select the drive you want

    right click--select properties

    go to security tab and edit

    set all permissions for your user name to allow full control
  13. Hi mcnumpty23, the link, after visited another castle took me to a page entitled "How to Access Files From SD Cards and USB Drives in Modern Windows 8 Apps" which showed a series of steps using screen shots and text. I didn't see a link.

    I have just tried doing it manually following the steps that you listed above and still i cannot gain access to the files.
  14. ??????????

    the link should have allowed you to download a file that automatically sets up take ownership for you by

    right clicking

    this file
  15. Thanks mcnumpty23, even though it is 01.05, I will sit back and let this chug for a while, before posting again.
  16. no problem :)

    its 1.05am here too

    so will have a look tomorrow to see how you get on as i am off now
  17. Wow, thank you so much mcnumpty23, I can now open, edit, copy (do what ever I like) all my old files onto my new laptop. That is a fantastic little piece of software.

    I have no idea who you are or where you are, so I will never be able to thank you in person, but trust me I am so appreciative of your help last night.
  18. you are welcome :)
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