Old buggy motherboard having problems with IP configuration

It's not even all that old... I got it a year and a half ago. But yeah, I have a strong feeling it's a hardware issue because my room-mate can connect her netbook to my router via a physicsl ethernet plug without any problems, and I can connect all my wifi gadgets to it as well. The Internet on them is fine, it's only on my big desktop that it's failing.

This problem has arisen in the past, but it would always go away after I reset the router or modem. The longest it lasted was a full 24-hours before the Internet connection came back. This time it's been gone for about 6 days (I'm typing this up off an iPad). I'm considering going to the futureshop and just getting a new laptop, but I want to try one last time and fix this.

I'm on a pre-built Acer with a new PSU I had to get when the old one died. I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

I plug the Ethernet cable into my computer and it seems to load (the little Internet indicator in the lower-right corner has a blue circle that spins for about 45 seconds). Then the loading stops and the Internet indicator gets a yellow caution sign on it. I right clicked it and selected "Troubleshooting" and it tells me that "the Local Area Connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration. Not fixed"

I managed to find my IP in the command prompt, but I really have no idea if I can fix this or how. Can anyone help me? I'd rather not spend 600$ on a new computer if I can avoid it.
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    it might be you network port went bad.

    for about $20 you can buy a 10/100/1000 PCI or PCIe network card
  2. I actually got a USB WiFi dongle for 40$.

    It's working fine, which confirms the earlier assessment, network port went bad. Shame really... I liked this board, but I can't deny he's really dying. I still feel I know way too little about IP addresses... but this problem is concluded.
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