My internet is working very slow cause of my router

Hello,my westell att modem makes my internet go slow what should i do . it really really slow.

The modem is Westell AT&T B90-755025-15
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  1. why do think it is the modem?
  2. well its all in one with modem and router mixed.. but its new i bought it 2 weeks ago.
  3. what speed did you sign up for and what speed do you get?

    what device did you use before or is that the first one?
  4. I signed up for FastAccess® DSL Xtreme 6.0

    I had a like 3 devices. one was a motoralla dsl modem,another was a westell ,other was a 2wire router with a modem and router combined.
  5. So every time I get on my computer which is Windows 7 64-bit. My internet is so slow it takes about 5 to 10 seconds to Google or Facebook to open.

    I have a router and a modem mixed gateway which is a AT&T Westell B90-755025-15

    By the way, the phone filter that I have the box got out but nothing got ripped like the wires or anything, it just got out because i took it out seeing if there's a problem there.

    I tryed disabling my firewall,making a dial-up connection, tried different Ethernet,and supply cords. STILL I SEEM TO FAIL !

    If you want you could team view me. But internet connection may be a bit slow
  6. did you get the right speed with any of those?

    did you buy the Westell because the internet went slow on the old device and you thought it might be broken?

    is this the speed you get when there is only this one computer connected?

    personally I like to have a modem and a separate router.
  7. I understand but I can't give it back because I bought the modem for $118.00. It's refund is over. And can you team view my computer to see if there's my be any problems with my pc. or to install updates.

    I did have good speed with my dsl modem Motorola.
  8. I would get with AT&T and see if there are setting that need to be changed in the router.
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