Files backed up from vista 32bit, not visible in 7 64bit

First off, I apologize if this is answered somewhere else but I couldn't find anything.

Anyway. I have 4 hard drives. 3 of the same kind in RAID0 and one I put random storage in like torrents, movies, games, etc. I cleaned off Vista Home Premium for Windows 7 Premium 64 bit recently. Before that I backed up all of my music and documents (about a good 30GB worth) onto the other hard drive all in a folder named "BACKUP" in all caps. That was all I needed to save. Now I'm complete with the installation of Windows 7 and I go onto that hard drive to look for the folder. It's completely non-existent according to Windows 7. Not hidden or anything. But I know it's all there because before I put all of that stuff on it, my hard drive was at 236Gb full and Windows 7 reads it as 268GB full.


help is extremely appreciated. this has been really frustrating...
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  2. man. every time i've come here i've gotten ignored. you guys really suck
  3. Do you still have an older computer to connect the drive to, and does the folder appear there?

    I'm wondering if you have a permissions issue. Have you tried viewing the drive using an administrative account? How about this:

    Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Right-click on "Command Prompt" -> Run As Administrator

    In the command prompt window, type "DIR X:\ /A:HS", where "X:\" is your drive letter (for example, if the drive is the "F:" drive, type: "DIR F:\ /A:HS").

    Do you see the folder when you do that?
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