UPS vs "Line Conditioner"

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Recently have had lots of problems w/ new hard drives. Have rec'd two (2) drives from Western Digital, both have died within days (the first never completed formatting). Now, I might have gotten 2 bad drives, or it could be something else.

The battery on my APC Backups 350 went bad the week before, so I was running the computer (a Dell P3-733) straight off a surge protector both times the drives failed.

I've been told that there is no easy way to determine if I have "aberrations" in my electrical power at home (short of attaching some sort of recording mechanism). The UPS unit I have does not do "line conditioning". Those units that *do* condition the line cost more, and if they have a UPS/battery built in, then they cost even more.
Is there a cheaper place to get a line conditioner that from APC and do you think this is my problem?<b>
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  1. i'm not a specialist in this topic, but what PSU do you have ?

    shouldn't good ones have at least minor line conditioning features ?


  2. see if you can do an upgrade form what you have right now.

    apc has alot of stuff about tradces in on there site.

    what is better then a 7000 rpm, a 8000 rpm delta. to cause more noise to kill your ears :smile:
  3. I've been thinking about getting a Cyberpower (1250AVR or 1500AVR). for more info.
  4. How old is your house? What is the amperage?

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  5. Black Cat:

    It's an APC Back-UPS CS-350. It says:

    BK500/BK350 Input: 120V~, 10A, 60Hz
    UPS Outlets:
    500 (350)VA: 120V~, 4.2(2.9)A. 60Hz, 300(210)W
    Surge Protected Outlets:
    120V~, 10A, 60Hz
    Total Output Current: 10A

    Also says:

    NOTICE: The output of this device is not sinusoidal. It has a total harmonic distortion of 40% and a maximum single harmonic of 30%.
  6. You definitely have to go with an UPS.APC is probably the cheapest UPS out there (EL CHEAPO). Get a UPS with a power conditioner and battery management. Spending the money upfront will save you more latter, not to mention your valuable data.

    P.S. Check out UPS by Powerware or Best Power
  7. I do think it is not the problem with UPS or Power source.
  8. The hard drive problem have nothing to do with UPS or the power supply. But he still needs power protection. The subject of his post after all is UPS vs Line Conditioner.
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