What will a VPN do for me, whats a good retailer and...

Hi. I just got flagged by my ISP for having copyrights infringements... call me a evil person, whatever. I try, then buy games if I honestly liked them.

Anyways please no hate? So, I am going to probably buy a VPN for privacy reasons, I don't want those assholes seeing everything I do... torrents, websites, sorry but, illegal stuff occasionally. So will a VPN stop this? Also I live in Auburn, WA as location matter, correct? What is a good price? 18$? I NEEEEEEED unlimited or suuuper high download cap, 200gb-300gb a month at least lol. So how anonymous will I be with a VPN? :) Also how difficult is it to set up a VPN in Win. 7, will this work for my WHOLE family? (I am very tech. savvy.)
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  1. First, some ISPs block VPN services except for business accounts.
    Second, your ISP will still count all those downloaded bytes towards your download limit, even though they cannot see WHAT you are downloading.
    Third, normally home VPN connections are from a single PC to the outside VPN server, but you can purchase a VPN appliance that will route ALL your LAN traffic to the VPN server.
  2. I recommend Hideman software
    Cheap access.And get free 4 hour a week sounds nice :)
  3. I suggest VPNDirect
    It gives 30days free (unlike others so called "30days money back guarantee") which you can really try it out and only purchase if you like it. :bounce:
  4. Well you get the privacy you are looking for, I don't know about you volume needs which seems quite high. but you could give airvpn or a shot.
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