How to reinstall in dual boot of win7 and server 2008r2

I have a laptop that came with windows 7 installed. It has single hard drive which I have sectioned into c drive and d drive. I have made this laptop dual boot with windows 7 which was already installed and server 2008r2. My server 2008r2 copy is about to expire.So I will have to reinstall the server 2008r2. I am little confused because when I log onto server 2008r2, the C drive becomes the drive where windows(server2008r2) is installed. And similarly when I boot into windows 7 then c drive becomes where windows(windows 7) is installed. So if I were to keep windows 7 intact and reinstall server 2008r2 then,what exact steps will I have to follow to just reinstall a fresh copy of server 2008r2 trial valid again for 6 months? Please guide me. I am totally confused and dont know how to do it.I have important data on laptop so don't want to loose it

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  1. While I do not condone piracy in any way, the trial of Server 2008 R2 expiring will not lock you out of your OS. It will only disable updates and set your background to black. If you are a student you can acquire a 2008 R2 license key through Microsoft's MSDN Academic Alliance program, otherwise you can rearm the trial. You can also visit and check out the conversion tool which turns Server 2008 R2 into a more functional desktop environment than Windows 7 Ultimate (I'm tying this from it right now). There are still a few quirks such as odd catalyst drivers but it should completely eliminate the need to dual boot.
  2. Please help answer question.How to reinstall server 2008r2 on a laptop which is already a dual boot.expired copy always have limited funcationality.I please need to reinstall server my belief,Installing server 2008r2 and waiting for 6 months to expire then reinstalling is no piracy in anyway.My server2008r2 is about to expire.My laptop is a dual boot.I don't want to accidently delete files on my windows 7 portion so asked this question.Please help
  3. >Installing server 2008r2 and waiting for 6 months to expire then reinstalling is no piracy in anyway

    It's a violation of the trial contract, not something I can help you with unfortunately
  4. Don't need to make complex. Friend you can Install windows 8 without losing your previous files. It is batter to Install two systems in two others drive. You can Shrink (Partition) you C drive without losing files. follow the steps below:

    ***Make sure that the CD/DVD drive is selected first in the boot order in the BIOS. Insert your Windows 8 boot disk and boot in command prompt mood.

    *** Shrink The Windows 7 Volume( System Volume):

    *Type "diskpart" on command prompt and Press Enter.
    *Type "list volume" and press Enter to see the Partitions List.
    *Type "select volume #" ( # = Volume number) and press Enter to select a volume.
    *Type "shrink querymax" and press Enter.
    *Now type the amount of MB you want to "Shrink desired=#" ( # = amount of MB) and Enter.
    *Type "exit" and press Enter.

    Note: 1024 MB = 1 GB, Windows 7 will need a minimum of 16 GB ( 16384 MB).

    *** Now complete setup and restart your PC to have the option to boot from Earlier Version of Windows ( Windows 7) or Windows 8. If it is only booting Windows 8 automatically and do not show Windows 7 listed in the Windows Boot Manager, then you can try any boot manager software to add Windows 7 in Windows Boot Manager. One of windows boot manager is EasyBCD.

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