linksys BEFSR41Router User Problem

I have been a happy home user of Linksys router for almost a year. Charter Communications is my cable modem supplier. A few days ago my internet access disappeared on all 3 of my PC's. My LAN worked just fine. I contacted Charter and they told me they changed nothing (liars). I was able to get a direct connection to the internet for one PC but nothing via the router. I contacted Linksys and after several minutes of trouble shooting with no luck I was told that the ISP probably was now checking the ethernet cards ID to make sure that only one PC was being used. The router has its own ID. I was told to flash the router with the latest firmware and change the external MAC address to fool Charter@hom into thinging that all requests were coming from the same PC. It worked! Great support from Linksys. By the way to obtain the address of you ethernet card you need to use the utility WINIPCFG provided by windows. Use the RUN command to pull it up.
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  1. cool

    <b>Yeah I did it. So what?</b>
  2. one question: Did you try repowering the cable modem? Sometimes that is the device that caches the MAC address.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
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