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Im looking for a fairly highish end notebook to be carried across some pretty rough territory - mountains etc. I have a few notebooks in mind (looked at the a31 from IBM, the compaq 2823/2830 and the dell inspiron 2560/8100. Now my main criterion is robustness, and any special features which might make it less likely to break down when I travel.

Which would YOU recommend, from your experience/what youve heard? Features can be added on and Price I can handle...

Any advice would be appreciated
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  1. Toshiba laptops are just so nice. See if you like any of theirs. I have owned 2 and used a third. I owned Satallite 220CDS and still own a Satellite 2210XCDS and I have used a Satellite 2230CDS and I loved tham all. Plus on most their features are fairly good. And they are very very hard working built sturdy and reliable. So check out Toshiba before you make any decisions.
  2. I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 8200, but during my research phase I had the Compaq 915us in the runnings. I heard from two independent sources that the Compaq would need more careful handling than the Dell.

    I have no first hand knowledge of this. Just two friend's that I trust. Both work in the hardware industry.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions zigzag and vk2amv.....hmm, definitely will consider these.

    However, this brings me to a more basic question.

    How durable would any of these notebooks be when it came to frequent travel on rough terrain for hundreds of km at a time (road) ?

    Also, could you suggest any precautions I could take to eliminate as much as possible the risk of the notebook I buy malfunctioning in the course of such usage (and travel!).

    Thanks for your help so far, and any in future too!
  4. When you say mountains etc. do you mean hiking? or by car?

    I am typing this on a Dell I8200 right now, and I love it, but it isn't going to withstand any rough-housing. Toshiba and IBM notebooks are very sturdy but you pay for it. I would find a smaller notebook that fits your criteria because that way there is less chance of damage etc.

    Who's General Failure and why's he reading my disk?
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