I want to use an old router as an access point but...

when i do ipconfig, there is no default gateway IP. How do I find that out? (belkin router) Iipconfig tells me for the unit... Stuck on what to do next... ANy help is truly appreciated...JR
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  1. IP config is telling you that you have no IP connectivity at all. How are you connected to the router?
  2. I plugged the router directly into my PC. It shows a unit IPv4 address and subnet mask but the default gateway is blank.
    Again, I am trying to turn this old belkin router into a wireless access point and I guess I need to turn off DNS server.
    All help is very much appreciated !
  3. If it's a 169 address, that means that you have no IP connectivity and will not be able to access the router. Make sure you factory reset the router first (you should be getting a 192.168.X.X address).
  4. Disable the dhcp the wireless router. Make sure dhcp is on on the other router.
    hook them up. You might want to shut of something called spanning tree in routers so they can keep ports open. That way they are just switching between them and that should do it.
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