Leadtek Winfast TV2000. Whats the best driver?

Hi, I have a Winfast TV2000 TV/FM Tuner.

I was wondering what's the best driver for this card?
I asked this because...

With the original drivers:
- Its so unstable, my Win98SE always crashes.
- The remote control doesn't work at times.
- The sound is mono (unless the drivers are installed manually).

With the latest drivers (dated 4/25/2k2):
- It can't seem to work with netmeeting. Netmeeting doesn't recognize it.
- The sound is always on mono.

With other drivers: (BTWincap drivers).
- I can't find a suitable TV Tuner application. DScaler is so complex to setup.
- There are no drivers for the remote control.

Please help me. I must say that this card (together with the latest drivers) proved to be fine. But with all the limitations (like no netmeeting support and mono sound), it seems that Leadtek has removed some important features with what this card can *REALLY* and *SUPPOSED* to do.

Thanks in advanced for your replies.

BTW, in case you don't know, here's my rig:
Athlon 1.13Ghz (running at 1.13Ghz)
Epox EP-8KHA+ mobo (using 2314 BIOS)
S3 Savage4 32mb PCI video card (I haven't got a better one yet).
I am using Win98SE, DX8.1 and currently the latest drivers from leadtek for the TVTuner.
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  1. I've got that card and it works great, but I'm using WinXP, so I don't think I'll be able to help you :frown:

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  2. I see. So you're using WinXP. What drivers have you used? Did it worked under Netmeeting? Can it do stereo sound?
  3. Netmeeting (video-for-windows) support is being phased out by Microsoft in favor of MSN Messenger (WDM - DirectShow) support. This is on purpose to push people to WinXP and to force people to use MS passport. Windows does support backward compatibility drivers, but Microsoft is discouraging the manus from using it for the above reasons.

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  4. I got winXP also, the driver and software i use
    is what came with the card...
    havn't played with the remote yet(since I dont have a
    cable outlet anywhere near)
    but I tested out capturing s-video in with my GC..
    have audio connected to my SB Audigy and it sure works beautifully
    and yes........it is in stereo....
    (I think mono gotta do more with the sound card not the TV card itslef)
    have the right config should make it work fine..

    Athlon xp1900+
    512 DDR RAM
    Leadtech Gforce3 ti200
    SB audigy
    (record set up:
    Video: TV2000XP of course, MPEG-2 640x480
    audio: SB audigy Input Line: "what U hear"
    [check]capture audio, Master Stream audio
    audio mp3 compression
    result:40mb/min with decent audio but hi-Q video)

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  5. I used the drivers on the CD and it worked with stereo. Don't know about NetMeeting.

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  6. Were the drivers you installed from the CD stable?
    Also, what's the exact name of your TV card again?
    And may I know what version are the drivers you're using?

    thanks in advanced.
  7. Oh I see... What's the exact name of your TVCard again?
    Mine is Winfast TV2000 (not TV2000XP).
  8. Oh, I guess that may be the best reason I have to take as to why has leadtek hasn't developed support for netmeeting. That's why all my Capture device drivers were all in WDM.
  9. yeah the full name of my card is
    winfast TV2000 xp WDM
    driver version (2002/01/03)
    got from newegg for $69.99(something like that)

    cant wait to replace my chair with a toilet,then..
    I'll be able sit infront of my PC for months
  10. It's the TV 2000 XP, drivers off CD (not sure about version, at work right now), and they're stable.

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  11. Huh? I guess, that's the same name of my card now. Although I am using Winfast TV2000, the latest drivers reports WinFast TV2000 XP WDM also.

    BTW, I am on WinXP Pro now and is using the 4/25/2002 drivers. It works fine. Though still not functional under netmeeting.
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