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Need verizon repeater

Think I have a VZ G router and cannot get a signal upstairs. Will a repeater help?
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    A repeater is not a good option if you have a very poor signal up there.

    Your best bet would be to place an AP (access point) upstairs and connect it with a CAT5e cable. If a cable is not feasible you could use a pair of powerline adapters to get the signal up to the AP. Any inexpensive G wireless router could be configured as an AP.

    Depending on your house, an N wireless signal from a high quality router could also potentially solve your problem, although you would need N capable adapters or devices on the other end.
  2. Realbeast, my sincere thanks for your very useful info. The verizon router is a G and if you replace it they will not support it. Running cable will be difficult but migh be possible. Robert
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