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I don't know if t his is the right place to post this, so forgive me if it isn't. I am a student who currently resides in Singapore, I like to do some online gaming in my spare time, and would like suggestions on how to improve my ping. A lot of games I run into nowadays don't have a server for SEA, this forces me to either connect to servers in America, or Europe. I do use tunneling services like Battleping or wtfast to help improve my ping, however it just simply does not do enough. I am currently running on the internet connection provided to us in our dorm rooms by the university, and while I am aware that this might be a large part of the problem, I was wondering if there is any point in getting my own ISP, as we are allowed to do so. I have looked into fibre optics and heard of the supposedly amazing results that people get from them, but the building that I reside in is not fibre ready, nor can I install any fibre optic cables ever, so my only option left is normal broadband cable. I will not bother listing their names, but there are 2 ISPs that I can get, one which offers internet plans of 6,10, and 15mbps download speeds and another that offers 10,30, and 100 mbps download speeds. My question is, is there a point to "upgrading" to my own ISP? will it improve my ping at all? or will I still be plagued by lag as I am connecting to foreign servers that are quite far away? I have obviously already asked customer service these same questions and they were of no help (not surprised). Any advice would be much appreciated, and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Thank you
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    You will still have some latency issues as the servers are still quite a distance away. Some of your pings might improve with your own connection, however it may also degrade due to the shared nature of a cable connection.
  2. It seems there's really not much that I can do, oh well, thanks for the input.
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