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Hello i got a windows server 2008 rc2 installed..heres what im trying to do...i got Teamspeak 3 server, and Xampp going to be running on this machine..i have static ip address with a router between the outside world and the server desktop, i can connect to teamspeak and xampp via ip address but i want to setup my own domain name on my server..(Not pay somebody else for a domain name) to replace the ip address...iv been trying for 2 weeks now and cant seem to get it to work...if somebody knows of a tuteral or can help me step by step..would be great...

im a noobie at this...
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  1. You need a DNS server on the internet pointing to your IP with the name you want.

    If you are only connecting to the server internally on your own network, you don't have to deal with that, but you will need to setup WINS and DNS on the server to get that info to the other computers. Or use the hosts file to map name to IP.
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