2 routers problem

I have 2 routers and 2 wifiswitches.
1 Tp-link td-8810 adsl router and 1 linksys wrt54g2. Everything was working for 5 month but last month there was connection/no connection. And then all the settings from the tp-link router are gone.

All the settings in the tp-link are right. They come from the provider.

I've emailed linksys and did everything correct. I use the linksys as a gateway not a router!
The settings: automatic configuration DHCP, ip, subnet, DHCP server disabled, operating mote gateway, wireless wpa personal.

I pressed the reset button. Filled in all the info and there were no problems.
While I'm typing the router is asking for a new ip. Every 2 minutes :fou:

I think there is an electric problem, because the red light (power) sometimes doesn't burn on the tp-link.
I told the owner of the tp-link but he doesn't believe me.
He told me that my linksys is the problem
Can the linksys wipe all the information in the tp-link router?
What can be the problem?
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  1. So confused,

    you have two wifi switches?

    Why are there two different owners of the networking equipment?
  2. Because I rent an apartment and the connection is on top of the building (where the owner lives).

    I got a cable and because i had my router i used my router. The other people have a wifi access point. Sorry.

    But the problem is fixed.

    Installed a new router and the problem is gone :D

  3. Ah, well dending on how he's got it set up I wouldn't be suprised you had problems...looks like new router detected and adjusted automatically.
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