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I have an intermittant problem with the program Magic Disc under Windows 7, that I was hoping one of you experts could shed light on. I use Magic Disc to mount and play DVD .ISO image, and it worked fine for me with this same laptop and the same .ISO files. But after I upgraded to Windows 7, playing an .ISO stops at intermittant times. Sometimes I can play a whole movie, but sometmies it stops before I even get to the DVD's root menu, and stops at different places on each play.

I'm using Windows MediaPlayer to play the DVDs, and, yes, I did upgrade to the Windows 7 version of Magic Disc. Also, this problem never happens with actual DVDs, just with DVD images.

Any ideas?


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  1. Did you get your MagicDisc upgrade from the best source?

    If you did, then your problem might be the Windows 7 upgrade process.
    I've heard that the UPGRADE version can have problems that the FULL version does not.
  2. I have the same problem. I'm on Win7 Ultimate full version, not an upgrade. I installed from that link too, build 106. I have used Cyberlink DVD Player, Windows Media Player and GOM player, and the DVDs intermittently stop and causes to disappear. The files are still there, but the label goes missing, and the ISO is still mounted according to MagicDisc.

    In Windows Explorer, the label disappears in the driver (the disc label, I mean), but the files are still there, I can browse them, but the DVD software cannot read it anymore. In Media Player or CyberDVD it says no DVD in drive.

    If I right click on the MagicDisc icon, I see that the ISO is still mounted there. If I remount, the movie starts playing again. On a certain DVD, when I use Cyberlink DVD Player, it plays until the main selection screen (play/chapters/etc), but in Media Player, I can play for about 30 seconds then it stops.
  3. Anyone ever find a solution for this? I'm having this same issue on two Windows 7 machines.
  4. I haven't found a solution, but I've noticed an additional symptom that may help others. For me, playing a DVD image only quits when my laptop is running under battery power - when it's plugged-in, the problem doesn't happen.

    One work-around I've found is to run the DVD image directly using the free VLC Media Player. This is not a preferred solution as, in my opinion, Windows Media Player gives me better quality video, and VLC Media Player sometimes has troubles with DVD menus.

    Also, has anyone had any luck contacting the makers of Magic Disc? I sent them a lengthy email but never heard back.

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