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Hi - having problems with a recent WIN8 64-bit install on my desktop computer. Note that this build is about 4 years old at this point. I had previously been running Win7 on a HDD. Had some things that I thought were software issues, bought a SSD and installed Win8 on it. It was running fine for a few months until the last few days.

Now I get some random BSODs, a couple times a day. I can't pin the cause - sometimes during games (League of Legends), sometimes when watching a video stream.

I've tried Driver Reviver to update system drivers, did chkdsk, updated firmware on the ssd, updated video drivers, did virus scans and such... registry mechanic doesn't seem to run its fix tool correctly. MEMTEST seems to freeze on me, not sure why.

Here's the mini-dump would appreciate anyone's input. Thanks.
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  1. Now I'm getting the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error also BSOD...
  3. jbyeung said:
    Now I'm getting the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error also BSOD...

    These are generally RAM-related errors. Try running memtest for a few hours and see what result you get.

    EDIT: ...saw you mentioned memtest freezes on you. I'd venture to guess your issue is in fact RAM-related. If you've got more than a single stick of RAM in your system, try removing one and testing again.
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    Something overflowed a stack data structure. Common for some viruses to do this to gain access to internal data structures. You might want to run a virus scan. I will poke around your mini memory dump to see if I can see the cause.

    more info:

    most likely a driver used a shared kernel memory object and either put it in the linked list twice or attempted to free it twice. kind of hard to track down in a partial memory dump.
    It could even be faulty RAM. There are even certain types of RAM hardware issues that can cause the wrong memory to be read. (Thermal issues making and breaking connections on traces on memory boards)

    generally, these errors are hard to pinpoint but if it is a driver and you know what one you can use driver verifier on it to have the system bugcheck when the corruption occurs rather than later the clean up routines are called.
    - you might want to verify your core OS files
    run cmd.exe as a admin
    sfc.exe /scannow
    - you might consider removing AVG IDS or looking for a update
    (various drivers avgidsha.sys avgidsdrivera.sys avgldx64.sys)

    you might also remove or update your Logitech webcam software

    Edit: overrun caused by CursorFX.exe might want to see if it is virus infected or is a maleware or if there are updates for windows 8.
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