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I busted my monitor to my laptop compag laptop tlast weeked. Can I remove the monitor completely from the laptop. I wish to use an external monitor so what do I do with the wiring from the laptop to the monitor???
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    Hello meslraymond;

    Not a Windows 7 type question.

    Try posting over in the Laptop/Notebook forum.
  2. can't you jut use the vga connection on the laptop. you can also find replacement panels on the web
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  4. thank you WR2 and 13thmonkey... WR2 I had issues with figuring out what options to select... 13thmonkey yes I purchased a nice external monitor. However, with the broken one with the splatter paint design ): looks horrible with set up.. If I am going to use like a regular pc because as your aware it is no more walk around able hooked up to the new monitor so the existing attached trashed monitor looks horrible.
  5. Me again 13thmonkey, how would I be able to know if a replacement panel would work?
  6. just get a keyboard and mouse and hide the laptop itself somewhere else
  7. Hi :)

    I own a lappy repair company...

    If you want to remove the broken screen just disconnect the cable from the back of the screen and tape it out of the way...

    If you want to get a new screen you MUST match the new one with the numbers on the white sticker on the back of the old one !! as a LOT of the so called universal ones WILL NOT WORK...

    If you are thinking about removing the lid completely.... make sure the wifi aerials are not going up each side of the screen as they do on a lot of lappies...

    All the best Brett :)
  8. Thank you Brett!
    How do I know if replacing the screen is going to work? Because if that is my option then I need to return the monitor I purchased. If the screen is that of shattered ink does that not mean I need the entire monitor replaced? I looked up screen panels and they cost a fraction less then the 89.99 I spent today on the 19 inch AOC monitor... Yea I believe the wiring is in the screen... If so then most likely the lid has to stay on if I find that replacing the panel is not going to work??? A million questions. Thank you once again. (goofed on that previously reply)

  9. Screen panel replacement is fairly easy just several screws, the Bezel and a couple wired connections (Power and Video connections).

    There is a quick video of the process showing an HP laptop - HERE and they also sell most makes of panels
  10. JDFan, thank you.
  11. order is in for the panel thank you all
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