How do i set up my default mail client on windows 7

when i click onto a email address to contact someone it tells me that it failed due to default client mail not properly set up thank you for your response
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  1. Do you have an e-mail software installed (i.e. Outlook)?

    Windows 7 does NOT have a native e-mail program, you have to install one. Windows Vista has Windows Mail, and Windows XP has Outlook Express.

    Windows Live is free, and I think it has an e-mail client. There is hotmail, yahoo, gmail, and many other web based e-mail services.

    But, with your email address listed above (which is very BAD to list), you get your e-mails through AOL? Then you have to be running AOL to send an email, and to get internet access to look into the others.
  2. Windows Live Mail works well.
    I have mine setup to check my ISP account (like your AOL email), Gmail and Hotmail accounts on just one screen.

    Live Mail is part of Windows Live Essentials with several other free programs that might interest you.
  3. Here is a list of 42 Free and Useful Windows 7 Applications

    You might find a couple that are useful.
  4. Do you have Windows 7? Or what operating system?
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