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Hi, I have a BVD108A DVD player-wrked for 2yrs. Now, will not see DVD's but will see CD's. AT my computer if i try an explore F: is not accessable retry/cancel or if i try from the DVD player software i get a no DVD, put one in message.
I cant find any new drivers (driverguide and a couple others) It loads them from W98.
The enigma is that it recognises CD's, it will play games etc... but not DVD's. I am using CyberLink power DVD software, but i dont think thats the problem.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
I have tried at at least 3 other boards. This is my last shot.
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  1. mebbie windows had gone ga-ga... have U tried to access the DVD disk from dos (not a dos window.. boot up into dos (ie fress f8) and see what it says...
    Is it all DVDs or just a type eg single-layer, double-layer etc... try an old DVD disk
    uninstall your DVD software & reboot & see if windows will read a DVD now
    Have you run a headcleaner thru the drive yet (mebbie greasy DVD lens... cant remember if one laser is used to read a DVD & another to read a CD... mebbie I am going mad...)

    try it & see...
    if all else fails try the drive in another system... see how it goes

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  2. DVD drives use two separate mechanisms for reading disks. One for standard data/audio CD's the other which is completely independant reads DVD's.

    I would say the DVD mechanism has failed while the CD mechanism continues to function......possibly cleaning the DVD mechanism's lens might help but I think it is time for a new drive.
  3. thanks guys, and i am embarssed, I most deffinately should have thought of the DOS try.
    To answer one of the Q's yes its all DVD's.
    No, I haven't tried a headcleaner, but will.
    I am glad that I learned that it IS two seperate read heads, one for CD one for DVD.
    I can put it in another sys. and should have also tried that.
    It probably is time to go get a new player, but untill I have tried everyting under the sun to get this to work....
    I will let you's know what the out come is.
    Thanks for your help, it is appreciated.

    peace be with you
  4. to amdchuck and marneus:
    Thank you for your help.
    And I have to admit, that I didn't think so. Headcleaner!
    Yep, that was it. When it didn't even see the drive I was sure it was something else. Almost so sure that I wasn't gonna try the cleaner. But compare $10 to $100 and I figured it was worth a shot. And it paid off. Again, my hat is off to you guys. Thanks, I hope I can repay you sometime.

    peace be with you
  5. saved U a bit O money then... excellent

    There are no stupid questions... just lots of inquisitive idiots...
  6. yep! and that means by rights he should pay us the difference! :smile:

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