game theatre xp and 5.1 speakers

now thinking about getting the Hercules GameTheatre XP (with that additional box for inputs/outputs) as an upgrade to my sweet SB Live! Value card.

Also going to get a 5.1 surround system .. Narrowed it down to Klipsh ProMedia 5.1, Cambridge SoundWorks DTT3500 or the Cambridge SoundWorks MegaWorks 510D

What are your opinions on these speaker systems. . or any other opinions

does anyone have any experience hooking up the game theater to run 5.1 surround with any of the above systems?

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  1. Santa Cruz outputs it the same way a Live 5.1 does which is the same way the GTXP does it cept the GTXP plugs are on the box instead of the card.
    read reviews on <A HREF="" target="_new">3dsoundsurge</A> of those two speaker systems and i say two cause you can immediately discount the DTT3500 as not a good option in my opinion.

    From personal experience i highly recommend you get the new Hercules GTXP 6.1


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  2. I have the Klipsh ProMedia 4.2. It is great.
  3. I have the Klipsch Pro Media 5.1's and find them to be awesome. Music or games it doesn't matter. I've said this before but it bares repeating: I used to have the Altec Lansing ADA 70's. When comparing the Klipsch to the my old Altecs I found that the highs were a bit crisper on the Altecs. The lows and mids were much better and more intense with the 5.1's. If you have money to burn and absolutely need a new 5.1 system now, I highly recommend the Klipsch. If you can wait, hang on and see what Altec Lansing has to offer.

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