Philips Acoustic Edge or Turtle Beach Santa Cruz

I am building a new computer and I need help deciding which sound card to get. I use the computer primaryly for listening to mp3. Which is better Philips Acoustic Edge or Turtle Beach Santa Cruz?
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  1. Santa Cruz

    Why no Live?

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  2. I already have a SB Live so I want to get a different sound card. If I like SB Live better I can always switch the sound card to my new computer.
  3. Why do you perfer Turtle Beach Santa Cruz over Philips Acoustic Edge?
  4. wattz Philips Acoustic Edge ?

    buy THGC stock options, this could be a good investment. :)
  5. Better 3D positioning (Sensaura rocks), better drivers, better quality manufacturing. The AE is a pretty good card too, though.

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  6. I just listen to both card at my friend's place. I definitely think Philips Accoustic Edge sounds better than Turtle Beach Santa Cruz. Can you explain how do you know Turtle Beach Santa Cruz have better quality manufacturing that Philips Accoustic Edge? I cannot really tell which have better quality manufacturing by looking at the cards and I am really think about getting the Philips Accoustic Edge.
  7. In what way does it sound better? Pure sound quality, 3D positioning, effects, or...?

    I say the Santa Cruz has better manufacturing because I've heard less stories about people having loose connectors or whatever.

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  8. I think Acoustic Egde give MP3 and CD audio especially rich enhancements and depth. It also use speakers more effectively than Santa Cruz. For example, it can pick out aspects of a track like strings or chorus and send them to the rear surround speakers. This makes stereo MP3 and CD audio sounds a lot better on a 4.1 speaker set up.
  9. Interesting. EQ would probably match up the sound, but good sound quality is the most important feature in a card.

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  10. sounds cool, but if you play ANY games make sure the AE (which i know nothing about) supports the EAX functions you need etc to play them well decent sound. I know the Santa Cruz is the best i've heard for positioning and pure sound quality so far.

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  11. I believe the AE supports EAX and EAX 2, though I'm not sure.

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