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Windows Could Not Connect to Network

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May 10, 2012 7:41:35 AM

Hi Forum,

I'm staying with friends who have a router connected to their modem, which is connected to a computer. Three other computers connect remotely via wireless, including mine, which is the farthest from the connection. I have a so-so USB wireless adapter that gets the job done, but isn't anything special.

This morning I came home to find my connection was very laggy and spotty. I rebooted the modem and router, which reduced me to no internet connection at all. I removed the adapter, plugged it back in, then rebooted. Nothing. Since then, I've reinstalled the adapter's software twice, gone into safe mode and back out, have verified the USB port is working, and removed the device from device manager. And I've seen everything on my network status from the yellow yield sign to the unplugged icon symbolizing no adapter period, even when the adapter is plugged in.

All other computers have access but mine.

Just before writing this, I remove the connection settings and reentered them. The connection asks me for the key, I put it in, and receive "Windows could not connect to <the network>. I receive that even if I intentionally put the key in wrong. No "key is incorrect" or "please reeneter" just "windows could not connect." My wireless adapter's settings verify that there is signal. There was a thunder storm today, and I'm mentioning it, but feel insofar as my computer is concerned, it may be a red herring.

I am at a complete loss. There's signal. The usb adapter's software has been reinstalled, and it's attempting to connect. I think the fact that it's not giving me any response about the key being incorrect may be the key to this solution, but I am at a loss.

My friends insist that no changes have been made to the router or modem other than my resetting them.

Any thoughts?

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May 10, 2012 7:48:54 AM

Writing to add: The connection currently has all five bars empty and has an orange flame in front of it, saying "Not connected. Connections are available." When I run the network repair feature, it results in "investigate router or access point issues." Hope that is helpful.
May 10, 2012 8:58:12 AM

One more update: I unplugged my wireless adapter and went to another computer to research this problem. I reset the router for good measure, then went back to the computer with the ailing connection, plugged the adapter back in, and the internet connected immediately (with one bar) for about 30 seconds. I was able to visit my home page (which had an update, so I could determine it wasn't cached). Then the internet went to zero bars. I disconnected, reconnected, and got limited connectivity with the yield sign. When I used the repair tool, I got the orange flame of "not connected." When I tried to connect this time, I received the aforementioned "Windows could not connect to <name of network>. Rebooted again and I'm looking at the yellow yield sign.

I have another wireless adapter at my disposal that simply won't connect, much less yield signs or anything else.

Hopefully this is enough to help more experienced and informed individuals to shed some light on this issue. Thank you again.
May 10, 2012 4:12:25 PM

I don't think there's anything wrong with your process.

You have two things going on if you can't connect.

1. Incompatiblity with the wireless adapaters you're using such as the following: Older B/G tech when the router is in N-only mode

2. You need to Clear out the wireless profiles you're using to try and associate to this AP with.

You should be able to do that Via right click on the connection > going to network and sharing center > manage wirelss connections, and deleting all of them expect your own personal networks.

to address either of these issues you'll need the person who has admin access of the router to view / check some settings.