Can someone help me with windows 7 customizing or software?

Hello and hopefully someone can help me or lead me in the right direction for what I am looking for. I have 2 questions please and thank you.
Here is the deal I have a lot of folders on my desktop. I create a lot of documents, letters, fliers, contracts and sometimes I get e books or other documents on professional trades. So I generally have to keep putting items in folders and it is slower as I have so many folders.

I think it would be easiest if there was software or a way in windows 7 to break down my desktop into 6 sections. OR is there a way to create, or design something or a way to put borders (squares) on my desktop. So imagine like 6 square borders and then I can take so many files and lock them into place inside each one of those 6 squares? So it would be easier to just be able to move documents into the folders quickly by looking for which square section those folders are in?
2nd question I have seen some software out there that makes desktop icons, I am trying to find a software that would just make bigger folders maybe color coded or a actual design that right on top of the icon folder I could put the text of what the folder is over top of the folder instead of underneath or the right side of the folder. I saw software that does this but it is only for mac and I don't have a mac. Sorry for the long post but I have been looking on google and cannot find something of what I am looking for.
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  1. Wow------ Thank you! You rock! That was exactly something like I was looking for. Wish that would of came up on Google but I am guessing I didn't type something correctly in Google or this should of came up but anyways Thank - you very, very, very, much!
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    Your welcome, I'm all about customizing, and I have been around a loooooooooooong time.
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