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UPS advice desired.

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May 3, 2002 6:10:29 AM

I am heartily sick of brownouts and blackouts taking my poor PC down.

the one last nite royally screwed with my video drivers and monitor. took me a number of hours to work out wtf had been screwed.

so what i need is a uninterruptable power supply.
as small as possible, but decent quality.

its <font color=red>NOT</font color=red> going to be powering an entire server farm, nor do i need it to last for very long either.

all i need is it to be able to supply enough power for a minute or two, enough time to shut the computer down in a dignified manner, or to endure the far to frequent 2 second blackouts.

thanx in advance.
mr smokey computer.

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May 3, 2002 8:48:49 PM

I believe APC makes a unit that will serve you for that purpose <A HREF="" target="_new"> australian link</A>


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