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Hey guys im going to try and explain this the best i can and hopefully not confuse anyone. Ive had this computer for almost 2 years and ive never had a problem with it. Its strickly a gaming computer and i dont download any junk on it or search the web. My problem started 2 weeks ago, when i boot, my computer will not find my network connection for quite a long time (sometimes 15 minutes) instead it will display unidentified network and wont let me connect to anything. This will last like i said anywhere from 5-15 minutes and i end up just walking away and coming back and it fixes itself. Its never done this before and i thought maybe my Killer K1 gaming card is going out, but i uninstalled it and plugged ethernet into the onboard and its doing the same thing. Like i said i havent downloaded anything recently or changed any hardware. The only thing that ever gets downloaded is the windows critical updates. Any suggestions would be awesome because this is getting very annoying. Also it seems since this has been happenening my connection is almost bottlenecked and i lag alot in my games now!! I have 3 other computers that connect to the same network and this doesnt happen. 2 Desktops (wired) and a laptop (wireless), but for some reason my machine wont connect right away.
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  1. MY guess is that your Tcp/IP stack needs to be refreshed , OR you have a bad ethernet cable/ switch port.

    A guide of how to refresh TCP/IP.

    Start > CMD ( Make sure you're Admin) netsh Int Ip reset C:\resetlog.txt press enter

    netsh - enter
    winsock enter
    reset enter

    The later mentioned troubleshooting I suggest is trying a different port on your switch / router or cable - they're fairly inexpensive if you stay under 15ft.
  2. Hey i have tried your re-fresh thing and have also changed out my modem for an older model i use to have but same thing still happens. Also i forgot to mention something thats probably important. When i start the computer and windows loads i get a Runtime error for my Killer K1 tray Menu. I just hit ok and the tray icon disapears and i end up getting internet in about 15 minutes. I have uninstalled and installed new drivers for my network card, but same thing still happens. I think i get the runtime error because the menu tray is trying to use the internet to load my options and there is no internet available yet. It never use to do that until my connection started up. Any other ideas? its only this computer thats doing it the other connect right away.
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