Moving files between 2 Win7 computers

It was so much easier to transfer from xp to win7, but now that I upgraded both to win7 I can't just simply share it and transfer my files.
I need to share 1 entire drive, what's the easiest way to do it. step-by-step. Thx
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  1. I hate you microsoft!
    I am at this point:
    I click on homegroup > join now
    it asks me for password (what password!?)
    I click on [Where can I find the homegroup password?]
    help window opens and it says:
    1. Click to open HomeGroup
    2. Click View or print the homegroup password
    I click on 1., window opens and there is no #2.!!!!!!!!
  2. I figured out the password issue and I think I'm starting to understand how homepgroups work, but I don't think that's how I want it to work.
    All I want is very simple. I want to move folder from COMPUTER#1 I:\PRIVATE FILES\.. to COMPUTER #2 C:\AAAA\PRIVATE FILES\..
    I don't want to move them between some shared folders, homegroups crap like that. Very simple from I:\ exactly to C:\

    What number do I call to yell at people at microsoft so I can perform that SUPER SIMPLE task. I'm effing getting really po'ed here!
  3. Close it, figured it out.
  4. harder than it needs to be - homegroup is nice, but it's relatively a new tech, and I wouldn't recommend between just two pc's.

    Easier method would just to share one folder on the C drive, under advanced sharing set the permissions to an account with a password instead of "EVERYONE group". and go from there.

    Leave share permissions alone, and just limit who can use it via NTFS. That is, if you want to do it that way.

    Hope this helps clear the muddy water.

    Homegroup is a nice security feature in that it limits just anyone from joining the same workgroup as you and siphoning all your files.
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