Problem changing graphics driver in windows 7. help?

Normally i would uninstall the current gfx driver first, go to safe mode, use driver sweeper to clean any remaining files, then install the new driver. but when i uninstall the gfx driver in windows 7, instead of using vga like always, my display dies. Monitor reports that theres no signal, and windows doesnt start if i restart, not even in safe mode. Do i have to do it differently in windows 7? plz help
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  1. Are you sure you didn't remove the device as opposed to just uninstalling the driver? If you have onboard graphics, try plugging your display into that to see if it works (you may have to switch to onboard GPU in BIOS).
  2. i uninstalled it from devicemanager>display adapter>properties>driver......... dont think it uninstalls the device, does it?
  3. I'm using 2 gtx 260 in sli if that matters
  4. just out of curiosity,
    why are you uninstalling the diver?
    is this part of your update?
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