How do i uninstall windows 8 on an alienware m11x R3? HELP ME

Have an Alienware m11x laptop down loaded windows8 on to it and my mouse and the USB drive don't work how do I fix this and how do uninstall windows 8
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  1. The only way to "uninstall" Windows 8 (revert to an earlier version of Windows) would be to do a fresh installation of Windows 7. You should have a Windows 7 product key on the laptop. SInce you don't have a DVD drive you can create a bootable USB flash drive
  2. That will result in a plain installation of Windows: you'll need to update your drivers from and re-install any software and games. Also, it will delete any information on the drive so you'll need to make sure any documents, pictures, etc are backed up.
  3. Why not just use the factory restore or the disks you were supposed to burn? If you absolutely dont have them you can get the official ISOs here


    And do a clean install with your windows 7 key that is attached to the laptop
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