Missing Drivers on Aspire 5552-3691

Reinstalled from 7 premium to ultimate, now no network connection. troubleshooting showed no driver. what did I do? Any help?
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  1. Hello Sissy335;

    Network connection was working before the OS update?
    You kinda screwed up.

    Anything else not working?

    See is this can help:
    Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly watch the Demo Video
  2. Thanks. I had a driver for a wireless network adapter installed on the home pc, so I copied that, installed, and got net access. Then I was able to go into device manager to the inoperable drivers, and get net support to reinstall.

    There is one specific website that I now cannot access without the use of a proxy. (that is actually the issue that started this process) I checked the three machines in my home, and two of them are denied access. (the error message is "connection reset.") So I contacted the website Admin, and was told my IP was 5X5. so, I then called my ISP where the tech claims she could not access the site in question either. I'm confused even more so now, because one of my machines DOES access the site. (none are wireless)
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