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Dont get me wrong im not a 75 year old man who doesnt know what the internet even is, But i having a serious problem all of the sudden. My internet is going slow as hell! Its not slow as in it takes 5 seconds to load facebook, but literally over 45 seconds to load anything! I was playing bfbc2 and when this happened again(comes in waves)and my ping went from 200 to over 999 and it disconnected me for not responding, but i was still on the internet cause i could use steams overlay to get on a website but it still took 45 seconds to load it. My internet is never throttled and i dont have a bandwidth cap. Weirdest part is when it started to happen everyone in my house was gone. We all went to peter piper pizza with some family that was in town, then i got back and its been like this for 2 days now. Its pissing me the *** off. sorry for the language but theres no help from support and i cant figure it out. Ive restarted my router probably 100 times ive restored default settings and everything else you can do. Its not just me either its my dads laptop and my moms laptop. I run a desktop wired they all use wlan.
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  1. Oh my god, I just did a speed test and my download is .16Mbps and i live in north/central arizona and its connecting a server in ******* mexico
  2. Hook up directly to the modem, is it slow then? If it is, contact the ISP to fix it. If it's fast with the modem, flash the firmware on the router, if that does not help, get a new router.
  3. I don't know how good mexico's internet infrastructure is, but you may want to test on a site in the USA. Find something on
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