Which router to chose?

would you go with a netgear n600 or a cisco linksys n600 (e2700)? both are dual band, i have a geek squad installer friend who really likes netgear, but ive had cisco in the past. which one is better for reliablity and speed? Oh and i have one laptop wireless which i use to stream video and browse the web, a desktop that will be hardwired to the router, and an xbox that i play with online occasionally. thanks for the help!
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  1. almost all routers are the same for most home basic setups.

    Things that would affect your choices are performance based features on the router like :

    1. WMM
    2. Dual band for compatiblity
    3. how good is it's range?
    4. can it handle alot of interal traffic?
    5. Streaming etc...

    Sounds like you want to go with one that's set up for home media and games like one of the more expensive deals from netgear or belkin.

    I'd stay away from Linksys crap.
  2. you like belkin better linksys?
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