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I am having this problem with my computer. I try to connect to the servers of one of the games I am playing, at it wont let me - the servers simply don't show up. A few days ago everything worked fine and dandy, and the admins of the server pinged me and said my connection is fine. I installed the game on a different computer, and it had no problem finding the servers of that game.

Now I play other online games like Eve, and my main computer (the one with the problem) does not have problems connecting to that.

However I have noticed that lately, when I try to stream a clip on youtube or download a larger file through my browser, it will start out really fast and then go into a stall after a few seconds.

I ran Avast, and it said nothing was wrong. Then I ran Malwarebytes anti-malware, and it found some stuff I cleaned out. But still no luck.

So because I can connect to other games, save for this one game (and it is confirmed that it is neither the server nor my connection that is the issue), I am at a total loss.

I have been recommended the standard Windows easy-fix: Wipe it all. But in this day and age I refuse to believe that this is my only choice.

So please, if anyone got clues or experienced a similar situation, I would be very grateful.
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  1. Also torrents works just fine
  2. Sorry for all the post, I can't edit the above for some reason.

    Turning off the windows firewall and avast's shields doesn't change a thing - in the past (like 1 week ago) this particular game worked fine with both switched on, as I have added exceptions.
  3. Also some websites (that worked fine a week ago) will be blank pages when I load them. The browser (chrome) indicates that the site is fully loaded, but the page will completely blank/white.

    When I try to load the same site on my other computer, also using Chrome, it loads it just fine every single time.
  4. Would this typically be a sign of malware or?
  5. if you've run malwarebytes , and it found and cleaned everything up, I would say no, but that dosen't mean you don't need to take it a step further and run it in safemode, or try something more indepth like combofix - sounds like you're savy enough... here

    also try an TCP/IP stack refresh

    CMD as Admin

    netsh int Ip reset C:\resetlog.txt

    netsh enter
    winsock enter
    reset enter and restart

    Next reset defaults on Windows or other firewall you have.
  6. I think I love you!

    It worked perfectly, fixed everything! Not sure if it was combofix or the winsock stuff (come to think of it I did follow a guide and install something called sockscap in the hopes of getting another game working two days ago).

    Thanks, I really really appreciate it!
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