Bypass Proxy/webwasher with remote desktop connection - need help!

Hi all,

I want to connect via windows rdp to computer outside the company office and I cannot do that since we have webwasher or proxy installed in the office.

I can access this machine with IE (it is a server with open port 80) and I see its website. This is becuase the IE at office has proxy configured correctly.

I cannot access the same machine with RDP connection, though. I can access it using other computer outsite the office, so it is not an issue that rdp is not enabled or so. Problem is with proxy at office.

I need a way to connect to rdp by using the same proxy.

Problem is that that IE at office uses automated proxy script (.pac).

I have installed remote utilities server on the machine I want to access and the remote utilities viewer on the computer at office. I set the proxy similary to what is set in IE but I cannot connect anyway. I can connect this way from third computer outside the office though, so the configuration is fine, only proxy is the problem.

I managed to get the proxy details like host name and port but I'm not sure those are the right one.

Can anyone help me?

The webwasher or proxy is mcafee web gateway 6.8.4.
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  1. Since this is a work environment, you need to contact your help desk or IT department. Bypassing in place security is never a good idea and can get you in trouble with your employer.
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