Local disk D is not accessible in my hp laptop

I am not able to access my D and E drives what should I do for that?
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  1. Hi I am glad to help.

    Clarify the situation for us, What Version of Windows?

    Was D and E drive both hard disk drives? or is one an optical drive?

    If a hard drive,
    Right click on "Computer" or "My Computer" and choose Manage.

    Under Storage Choose Disk Management. It should show the various disks and what partitions you have, can you tell us what your seeing there?

    Were you able to access these drives before? did you reinstall windows or anything like that?

  2. Thank you for help. I am using windows 7. Before some days I did changes in setting of drives. In property option there is a security tab, I made changes there and now not able to correct it as previous so please guide me as soon as possible.
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