Dell vostro 1015 web cam drivers for windows 7

why my web cam not working
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  1. Hello manijanani;

    Operator error? Have you made any changes to the laptop?

    Otherwise, run the webcam software what came with your Vostro 1015.
  2. Double post

    Edit oops, sorry.
  3. Ok, going to make a guess here.

    You bought Dell Vostro 1015 with FreeDos or Ubuntu.
    Then you installed Windows 7 without getting Dell drivers?
    Is anything besides the webcam not working?
  4. Hi, WR2

    I've just checked, and while under Windows XP, there is this "Sonix SN9C236D Camera" driver listed, under Input subcategory:
    (Maybe worth a try to install this in Windows XP compatibility mode...)

    However, there's no such thing in Windows Vista 32 bit, or Windows 7 32 bit category. Which means that either it is already included and should work out of the box (doesn't seem to be the situation here), or Windows update should come up with it.
    Like you used to say:
    Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly
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