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I just had to install fresh copy of windows 7 ultimate x64 and my toshiba is a satellite c6550. I have been able to install the ethernet card, it says its not plugged in, but I NEED the wifi driver. I cant find it anywhere and I been looking for hours.'

Can somebody give me the Driver download for this laptop. The Driver DOWNLOAD dont link me to some site to where I can search my laptop and find it because I have aleady been there and It dosnt give me anything. I downloaded this driver package from toshiba and it was complete bullshit because it told me i did not have the network driver, than told me to click this link to download it...what sense does that make???

If you can also post the video graphic drivers yeah :)
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  1. can you list the complete model number? Usually it looks like C655D-S5050
  2. C655D-S5200
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  4. Emerald said:


    I found about 3 wireless drivers here, What do I have to do to figure out which one of these I need?

    Realtek Wireless LAN Driver(v1005.12.0105.2011; 02-14-2011; 21.59M)
    Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver(v5.60.48.35; 08-31-2010; 16.25M)
    Atheros Wireless Lan Driver(06-06-2011; 28.24M)

    I'm going to go with Atheros Wireless Lan Driver(06-06-2011; 28.24M) since the LAN controller was Atheros...
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