Will adding a second router and go wired increase speed?

I have a router in my basement and i recently built a computer for my room thats basically on the other side of the house. It has a decent wireless connection but not strong enough for gaming (which is what I built it for)
Would I be able to get faster speeds if I install another router in my room and run with a wired connection?

I read somewhere if my router supports something called "WDP" or something like that, I can install another router without running cables around my house or something like that.

Any suggestions would help! Thank you.
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  1. what kind of router do you have now?
  2. Install a wifi extender, will help. If you use a wireless connection and then use a cable off that, the speed won't be any faster than the wireless connection.
  3. I had the same problem.

    I ran cat6 from my basement to my office. I then used a switch (not a router) to pull additional IP's to run my gaming computer.

    Runs very strong and much faster than wireless + you can run multiple computers if you have a LAN at your house ever.

    I was going to go the wifi extender but i wanted off wifi all together.
  4. Wireless is a lot more suceptible to interference and the signal lessens the more walls and such it has to penatrate. Wired connections do not have this problem. Anytime you have wireless in the mix, you have the potential for throughput loss - slower speeds.
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