Bootmgr missing with other problems.

Hello , i will explain my problem .
i decided to add another hard disk 1 tb , to my alrdy 500gb hdd , and when i wanted to format and add a new partition , i used the windows 7 CD , and i pressed custom :/ and it started installing windows on the 2nd hard disk which was meant to be a slave , i didnt want that and i canceled the installation , yes , i pressed cancel
now supposedly i tried to reboot , it showed bootmgr is missing error , i tried the windows disk again and clicked repair my computer , it gave me another error that it didnt recognize my windows version , i have tried everything on the net , i even tried to boot with my old hard disk without the new 1 , still no bootmgr , same thing with new HDd .
im not sure what can i do from here .

HDDs are set to AHCI mode ,
i cant access my data to back it up , and i cant use any of the two hard disks . i can see them both when i try to install windows , and both disk 0 and disk 1 have a partition with "system"
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  1. When you attempted to install on the new disk the installer probably altered your MBR (master boot record).
    You can try to repair the mbr, using this link:
  2. thnx for reply , this solved some part of the problem , now when i turn on pc , it shows 2 OS to pick from , one read windows ultimate , and the other is , "windows ultimate ( recovered) , windows ultimate doesnt boot and just restarts , recovered logs on normal windows on the old HDD , i just checked disk managment , shows the other HDD as active healthy and it has some windows files on it , should i format it?
  3. If its just windows files left over from install try deleting first. If the OS lets you delete, it doesn't need the files so you can format it. If not, create a full backup and then format.
    Formatting your disk with the windows cd was a really bad idea, that's what disk management is for. Just saying...
    At this point you could try to repair you current install, but I think it will probably end up giving you a headache.
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