CPU always at 104 F?

I posted a litle classified here, about an ASUS P2T cable I was looking for (a thermal sensor). Well, I found something similar in a store, and I installed it. It basically is just a small sensor that is to be placed on the heatsink, close to the processor. The other end is plugged in the MoBo (the spot is called JTCPU). However, the reported temperature on ASUS probe is always 104 F, even if I've used the computer intensely or not. I did try reversing the plug, it still has no effect. Did I buy a sensor that can't sense anything?
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  1. maybe you can use instead a portable thermal sensor (around 20$ USD).
    you place its sensor whatsoever you want & an LCD show you the current temp of the sensor. the accuracy of this portable sensor is 0.10°C.
    you can test temp with it of your processor (approximatively because often difficulty accessible due to the heatsink), your mb, your memory, your hard disks & whatsoever ...

    <i>if <b>you know</b> <font color=white>you don't know<font color=black>, the way could be more easy ...
  2. That is strange... you might want to try with other software for mobo monitoring like MBM 5: <A HREF="http://mbm.livewiredev.com" target="_new">http://mbm.livewiredev.com</A>.

    Otherwise the mobo doesn't support that sensor.

    With a hovering case crashing takes a whole new meaning... :smile: .
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