Mobile AMD Athlon vs Mobile Intel 4

I was wondering if anybody has had a bad experience from AMD mobile processors? is heat an issue? or is there a lack of performance?

Thanks for any information
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  1. Hi,
    Im interested in the same thing....Im also considering the same option, so if anybody has any information on this subject, Id appreciate it, as it would definitely influence my buying decision!

  2. No heat issues that I am aware of, the athlonXP based notebooks actually run cooler than their P4-m counterparts.

    The problem with the AthlonXP notebooks is their lack of decent chipsets. The best graphics card that you can get with an AMD based notebook is the ATI Radeon IGP - Don't get me wrong, the IGP is perfect for the average user, but it is quite slow when compared to the GeForce 4 Go's and ATI Mobility Radeon 9000's that you can get with a P4-m.

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