Should i choose Computer Science? need to decide FAST

Hi! I just started my studies in Denmark college,multimedia design and communication.But now i started thinking maybe i should choose computer science.There is some time to change my mind,but not much,maybe a week.
My course contains flash,dreamweaver,php,html.we are going to build websites and surveys.But i dont really care about websites i guess.I like 3D that we have limited amount,i heard that teacher just give you a link to tutorial -.- cant really use 3d programs yet,i also like trying to make music,overclocking,building my own computer,gaming.So i dont really have any real experience to choose.
What do you think? I heard that many people dont like programming.But if i would choose CS then i could have much better oppurtunities in my home country.Please give me advice !
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  1. choose the 3d mate

    dreamweaver is ***, its so easy to use, used it in a levels

    you can do both of thoes from home anyway by studying by yourself
  2. i think we all need to study dreamweaver in multimedia course.I need to decide about what course i will choose:multimedia or computer science.
  3. computer science

    personally i wouldnt choose either but hey thats just me

    ill give you a bit of advice mate, most places care more about experience than qualifications
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